Clarissa trench coat

Clarissa: About the Collection



Clarissa is a collection that allowed me to travel back and revisit special moments previously held within the pages of a family photo album.

My late nana was an avid line dancer. Although I was too young to remember her dancing, home videos were often watched, the whole family reminiscing on days gone by. 

Memories distinctive to my nana and I include images of swimming, “Wrapping a towel around you after a cold dip in an ice-cold pool”, and line dancing images “Boot-scooting to achy-breaky-heart – a line dancing anthem echoing in a small-town hall.” All influences were taken in abstract form and literally through western yoke detailings, tassels and twisting of material, such as the bathers dress or Clarissa coat.

Clarissa was designed with the hope that my reflective nostalgia can evoke a similar level of familiarity and connection. This nostalgic transferral can render an emotional connection akin to our experiences, building lasting relationships and consideration for the pieces. 

Collection Coming Soon. 



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